About Us

Kimberly M. Thomas, MSW, LMSW

Hello! I am the founder and owner of Harmony Road Family Services, LLC and Helpful Heart Coaching. A proud graduate Boston University (one of the nation's top social work institutions), I am an exceptionally thorough and comprehensive clinician. That means that our first session will be a little bit longer than others so that I can really get to know you and your situation. I approach each client as individuals –  the true experts of their situation. 


You will likely find me to be genuinely warm, caring, and compassionate. With a strong spirit of service and naturally empathetic heart, I understand that people’s behaviors are needs-driven. This is a no judgement zone! However, I am also very straightforward and transparent. If I notice something (thought patterns, for example), I will gently bring it up for discussion. There will never be anything written down on my note pad that isn’t discussed with you.

I aim to help clients make a connection between their current state of being and events in the past. Having seen the power within this approach,  am skilled at helping clients identify and challenge core beliefs - creating new possibilities for self-compassion and interpersonal growth.

On a personal note, in my free time, I love to be outdoors. Evening strolls are a favorite, but I also like to hike, ride my mountain or road bike, and fish. I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community (and so are two of my four children!) and have been a civil rights activist for 25+ years. 

I am passionate about the well-being of people and animals and strive for a responsible existence. Also, very importantly, I am obsessed with tacos and cats.


Mila is a 4.5 year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has been trained to support people in the clinical setting. Some of the interventions she helps with are: trust, courage, boundaries, healthy relationships - and she will nurture you (probably snagging your heart!) along the way. 

Read more about Mila's background, training, and truly remarkable canine-assisted therapy by clicking below:




  “One of the things that makes Kim such a special therapist is that when someone is hurting, she steps outside of herself and she will empathize with your feelings. She’s very much in tune with others’ emotions but has an equal balance of professionalism that makes her so good at helping others.

~ Carli, colleague


"I’ve known Kim just a short time, but I have been overwhelmed by her desire to make the world a better place one person at a time.  I have watched her repeatedly arm herself with patience and knowledge as she meets individuals at their level and lovingly hopes to build bridges of better understanding and awareness to make their own lives better.  Especially as that speaks to their relationships.  Her understanding of LGBTQ issues, marginalization, and vulnerability are unparalleled.  And when she finds a topic where she might be lacking knowledge, she dives into the research. Kim has my full respect, and that isn’t something I often say about people.

~Jen, fellow supporter of parents of LGBTQ+ kids and teens


"What sticks out to me about Kim is her ability to really understand the crises faced by families and the kindness in which she offers tools and knowledge to help families come through on the other side of those crises even stronger."

~ Melissa, fellow community supporter


"Kim has taken a lot of training in animal-assisted therapy and matters pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community. She is not the type to simply bring a dog to sessions. She is experienced in using tangible canine-assisted interventions. Also, she not just a LGBTQ+ affirming therapist, she is actually competent to serve this population. Her training combined with her lived experience makes Kim an emerging leader in the LGBTQ+ arena."

~ Steve, LGBTQ+ trainer and clinician


Due to client confidentiality, testimonials cannot be provided by therapy clients. 

Testimonials have been graciously provided by people who know/have worked with Kim, 

those who have witnessed her ability to connect 

with people, and trust her as a professional. Names are used with permission.