When working with Kim, you have the option of inviting Mila, her trained and certified canine therapy partner, to participate in your sessions. Nobody's feelings are hurt if you opt out of animal-assisted psychotherapy (AAP). AAP is simply an available service.

Studies show that simply having an animal in the therapeutic space is beneficial; 

however, Mila is trained specifically for AAP work, which means she has a lot to offer. 

Together, we work on anxiety reduction, healthy relationship skills 

(to include trust, boundaries, and positive interactions), and coregulation. 

Mila loves working with people of all ages, but she demonstrates extra excitement when working with children. 

Please note, prior to engaging with Mila in session, Kim will conduct a brief (less than 5 minute) 

overview on how to properly engage with the canine therapy partner. Topics covered will include:

- proper introductions

- safe interactions

- possible therapeutic interventions